April 13th, 2006

spuffy, nochosen, chosen

True luv 4-eva?

Trying to figure out the Big Board on Stupid Question. Just when did the warring factions of the Goran demon clan plan to get the Butler and the Immortal's henchmen together? It can't happen at the Spanish Steps/Trevi Fountain because that's too far from where I have the dance club and ransom piazza in the Trastevere. Maybe I can get them to the Forum.

Did anyone else notice that every time a love is declared to be permanent and for all time that it's after the affair is over?

Spike to Joyce in Lover's Walk: "Our love was eternal"
Angel to Spike in TGiQ: "Ours was a forever love"
James to Grace in IOHEFY: "Love is forever."
Cordelia on AtS: "James and Elisabeth had the big, forever love"