April 25th, 2006


FIC: Vampires Have Rrridges (Drabble)

"Show me your fangs. Let me see your true face."

Bang. I love it when he knocks me into the headboard.

Bang. I love it more when it's hard enough to hurt.

"Give me your ridges."

Bang. Dru's moaning and giggling never stops since Spike killed that slayer. Can't they give it a rest while some of us are mourning?

"All your ridges, Angelus."

Bang. I can watch him drink bums and pickpockets.

Bang. Even accept the missionaries and the baby.

Bang. Filthy Gypsies; it's never enough anymore.

"Please, the other ridges."

Bang. They never come. And neither do I.

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Watched Anne today preparing for my seasonal_spuffy Free For All fic (I'm trying to finish Stupid Question, too).

This episode is truly great.

Opening shot is the pan down over the tombstone to fresh earth and hands rising out of the ground, vampire clawing his way out. The shot continues panning back between Willow's sexily black clad legs. "That's right big boy, come and get it," she smirks.

A 30-second one-er to start the most consistently excellent season of Buffy.

The WeevilRickie-Lily tattoos are uh...permanent. But does Lily still have hers in Not Fade Away?

The three-and-a-half minute one-er for the first day at Sunnydale High is a triumph. How did they ever put that together? Amazing. With egg whites and fewer mysterious deaths!

I adore Lily/Chantrelle/Anne/Sister Sunshine every time she shows up. Even at her lowest, Buffy inspires others to greatness. In a sense Anne is the Buffy cameo in NFA.

The basically wholesome preacher but-with-ulterior-motive vibe from Ken is wonderful. The actor does a gorgeous job. He also plays a demon who wants Doyle's head next year on AtS and one of his scenes here fades into the scene from this episode that is in Angel's opening credits. "Hope is a real thing, just like despair. Hope can fill up a part of you that's missing."

Bellylove. Comfy positions in the Bronze. So many of these scenes are shot in beautiful motion and angles.

Joyce and Giles. She's so upset about sending buffy away and she is so calmly lost as she blames Giles for everything. ASH's expression — oh he takes it so hard. A perfect scene.

"This will probably go faster if we split up." "Can I come with you?"

How can anyone make L.A. look so atmospheric and urban on screen? It's really suburban and vapid. All the shots look like Hollywood which is the only part of L.A. that looks like a city instead of infinite sprawl.

Breaking into the clinic, casually breaking the phone Buffy is so assertive and unfriendly. "What are you doing?" "Breaking into your office and going through your private files." Too bad she didn't have that attitude with Quentin Travers.

"Rickie's no more dead than I am," says the hell demon. And exactly how dead is that?

"Hey, what's with all the sin? I need to change. I'm dirty. I'm — I'm bad with the — sex and the envy..." So totally unconvincing Buffy.

Cordelia as bait and Xander/Cordelia snark and Xander/Cordelia kissing. Ahh.

We see a hell dimension and it's a third world sweatshop. Buffy sent Angel to Hell and now she sees it herself. "He forgot you. Took him a long time. He remembered your name years after he'd forgotten his own." Imagine what Buffy must be asking herself about Angel after seeing Rickie. And here we learn most of our dimensional travel canon.

"Who are you?" The smile comes back. "I'm Buffy."

"Lily, you can handle this. 'Cause I say so." And just like that the kids are saved and the shelter is born and Anne's life has a mission. Buffy is just that powerful sometimes. Like Spike says in FFL (and SH), it's more than the fighting that makes her special.

Nice arena fight scene. "Humans don't fight back. That's how this works." But it isn't even the slayer who saves the day in that scene. It's Lily, the ordinary human. Who fights back.

And we get the season power shot. Wasn't it nice back in early seasons when Buffy was the power shot?

"Hey, Can I be Anne?" Aww.

End hug. Double Aww.

After S2 I never thought anything would be able to follow up Becoming II, the best BtVS episode ever by a long margin. But this is exactly what was needed. I had forgotten just how perfect it was.
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