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Saturday 2 Sep 2006

FIC: Unleashed Interlude [Saturday 2 Sep 2006 at 01:01 am]
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Disclaimer: ME, Fox, and Joss. Yours!

Feedback: wanted

Okay, this is a quick draft for a quick little bunny. Maybe I should rewatch to get the tone right.

Unleashed InterludeCollapse )
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The Third Man [Saturday 2 Sep 2006 at 07:50 pm]
The one year old and I watched a new release from 1949 today. Yes, our Netflix queue is that far behind.

It was called The Third Man, written by Graham Greene and featuring Orson Wells as the mysterious third man.

I could hardly believe what I saw.

Not just the noir but the beginnings of snarky noir that I don't remember until decades later.

The camera angles were very modern with long distance zooms and tight frames in the same shot. The filming in the twists and turns of the sewer was interesting. And the shot where the character reaches up through the grate into the light to find it locked, with just his fingers reaching up to freedom is amazing. Then his friend has to shoot him, of course.

All the way through it struck me that The Third Man feels like it was made five minutes ago and not fifty-seven years ago. Recommended.

Also (edit): The real Ferris Wheel, hundreds of feet high, and the zither. Ahh.
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