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Monday 11 Sep 2006

September 11th [Monday 11 Sep 2006 at 10:32 pm]
Well, it's five years later.

I remember where I was on September 11th. Mostly because I was in the line of fire, next to one of the targets.

I remember watching the smoke cloud rise and being herded by police all around the streets. I remember the snipers on top of every major building watching us and skies filled only with fighter jets.

I remember staying in town as everyone I knew booked the first travel out. I remember sleeping on the floors of airports far from town with no promises when the connecting flight would actually go.

I remember having a president who was hapless and lost and skittering around the nation without direction and a Congress that stood up right away, though they didn't do much good without support from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

I remember walking the quiet streets alone for hours that afternoon. I remember the stunned looks on faces that I'm sure I reflected.

I remember huddling with friends around television coverage of the event getting more and more stunned by the same images.

Since September Eleventh I've brought two children into the world. I believe there will always be tragedy but it does not define our future.
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