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Wednesday 18 Oct 2006

Latest Veronica Mars 3x03 [Wednesday 18 Oct 2006 at 03:21 pm]
My local CW affiliate may need a new chief technical officer. Too bad I just took a potentially demanding new job.

During the run of VM 3x03 the channel went off the air (blank screen) for about five minutes. Then it began broadcasting another show entirely in a wrong time slot. Finally there was a still image with no sound of a middle aged white guy in a teevee office on the air for a minute or two. There was never any more VM.

My past television advertisement buying tells me that some guy just cost the station owners about $20k. And he persuaded me that torrents are a better way to watch teevee than broadcast.

Television studios, I suggest you fond a way to sell me a download without DRM encumberance or teevee station interference or else you're going to lose business.
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