October 20th, 2006


Third Of Mars (3x03)

I didn't notice any use of "frak". Disappointing, especially since I don't get sci-fi and can't hear it on any other shows either.

All men agree that librarians are sexy. But I don't think a freshman with no library degree would be manning the info/reference desk alone. Veronica should be handling circulation and shelving.

I don't know what I'm supposed to take from the whole mix of the rape mystery and the manipulative, nosy girlfriend theme in this episode. That's fine. When I can tell they're sending a message, it's never a good one.

Veronica really does get nasty with the tracking and following of the paramour. Remember last year when Mac was using a cell phone interceptor on Beaver? (Beaver who turned out to be evil!?) Veronica found out and her first response was to wonder why she didn't have a cell phone interceptor of her own.

How long could the gambling on campus last until somebody lost money and ratted it out? Especially with internet gambling still going strong when the episode was filmed. Maybe they invite only the really rich kids.

There's something different about Weevil. Must be all the rich prison food. I'll write a letter to my congressman suggesting we stop treating fictional prisoners to such fancy fare. It's good to see him back on the show, anyway. But I don't like the substitution of Piz for Mac and Wallace.