November 27th, 2006

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FIC: FangTube

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Summary: Um, it's about Buffy and another Jossverse character. And no matter what the first part says, it's not about money laundering and Enron and stuff. But it's reasonably short. Read it.


Padre Domingo is going to cast the deciding vote to put Roger Windham-Pryce in charge of the Council Of Watchers. Buffy has spent almost three years now on getting money and contacts to stop apocalypses before they start. And now the council grant money for slayer operations is going to be spent on hiring more butlers in European capitals so that old men can order her slayers to repeatedly patrol musty old graveyards that don't see one vampire a year.

Unless Domingo can be persuaded to switch his vote.

The Registered Witches Guild of Great Britain And Northern Ireland aren't volunteering as much either with Maggie DeVille in charge. It's not even worth asking them for money at all. She's lucky to get help recruiting novices to keep the basic wards, glamours, and locaters cast.

Thank goodness for Michael. He uncovered a copy of the full general ledger behind the MERCOSUR Council Of Watchers financial auditors' report. Thumped it down triumphantly on her desk in their tastefully wood paneled London flat three days ago. She knows Domingo is skimming funds and they can blackmail him if only she can find the connection between demon money laundering activity in São Paulo and unsustainable Anglo-demon-American agribusiness in the Pampas. Michael knew exactly how to use her. Buffy's last field operation was eighteen months ago in the Pampas. It gave her just the knowledge of South American demon business rituals to uncover the lever that would keep Giles in the corner office.

Michael is tall and muscled, dark eyed and stoic, the perfect junior watcher.

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