December 8th, 2006


Fandom Things And Stuff For Today

Can I just say, Duala > Starbuck. Mmm Duala.


I'm pleased to see that Joss wants to draw some comic strips with Buffy in them. I think it's a mistake for the primary plot to be the story of how Kennedy and Dawn get to know the new potentials, but maybe things will even out by the time the books are released.

Looks like even the more fanciful Buffy-Immortal explanations are too sensible for Joss. He's going the full "Who shot J.R.?" monty. Turns out the Buffy we saw in TGIQ was just a body double. If Spike had continued over to see Buffy, he'd have been mighty disappointed. And Andrew would be in great bodily pain. Well, that's one way to keep explanations simple at the (cheap!) cost of throwing AtS canon out the window.

Agree with everyone about Buffy's wardrobe and gun. Eww.


The very worst thing about TGIQ for me was always that last scene in shadow Buffy's apartment where Angel is breaking down over Buffy's new beau and Spike is just watching. It looks like Spike has let her go and accepting that he doesn't like the new guy is just one more step in the process.

Doesn't help that he describes his night out with a pretty girl in the next episode as "the perfect date." My poor Spuffy heart. Just wait 'till comix Joss is done with it.


Feels like Veronica Mars is going off the tracks.

It's one thing that she never says "frak" anymore and I have had to return to BSG for my gorram fake cussing.

The whole fake rapes thing was getting pretty creepy. And I'm not sure I find the Logan breakup natural and organic but I was getting exhausted waiting for it. Good job by KB with the crying in the shower scene, by the way.

Mac and Wallace are finally back only for the plot wrapup? What, did they have some class at another, more serious college? And would the plot have been better if we, the viewers, had followed them there?

Nice bit with having Parker concerned enough to rescue Veronica when Veronica wasn't there for Parker.