December 15th, 2006



  • Did you know that Entropy took place on the first day of Christmas? My twelve days list ends with "and an Anya in a Spuffy."

  • Battlestar Galactica is bloodier than Buffy. What is the point spending a whole episode just to kill off a recurring character? I think it's because Kat was even hotter than the regular cast. Lickable.

  • What color are Drusilla eyes? Kind of a grayish light blue? Or do I need a better teevee?

  • The five year old is enthusiastic about Christmas. Mom and I say humbug and have since we were tiny children ourselves. But five digs up old tree toys and puts them in the living room and decorates them. She finds her largest pair of socks and sticks them to the fireplace stuffed full of candy canes she found at a friend's party with crudely scrawled names of herself and her sister written on the hems. She wants to collect snow globes. How did this happen to us? O woe!