February 7th, 2011


Super Bowl Sundae

It's the biggest sporting event in the world for English-speaking people. That makes it a great day to go out and do sports. I went on a thirty mile bike ride up in the mountains. Since I'm in a northern mountain clime of North America today, that means riding on snowy roads amongst the snow banks. It was good, though. The temperature briefly rose above freezing down in the valley so it was warm enough up there, too.

There's a difficulty in that the freezing wind could give you frostbite but I evolve so much energy on the rises that I could comfortably ride naked. I'd like a thick coat and hat for the downhills and I'd prefer short pants and a little jersey for the uphills. I compromise by carrying a light wind jacket in my pannier and wearing a vest. Oh, to dream of rough winds shaking darling buds. Summer's lease hath all too short a date.

I prefer to root for the team representing the nicer place. Or -- this year -- the less unpleasant place. I went out biking in the mountains in subfreezing weather today but Green Bay gives me chills. That leaves Pittsburgh, which I understand is nicer than its reputation. I thought they gave a good performance.

Green Bay's defensive line was amazing. I thought the long hair guy or maybe the really big one was the MVP.

I ate greasy nachoes and drank root beer. I felt so authentic. Tourists should have come by to observe real American ritual event life.

Dashing Through The Snow

After my nice ride yesterday, I decided to go again today. Twenty-five miles through the mountains. But today a snowstorm came up mid ride.

First it was rain on the initial ascent into the mountains. Rain is no fun at just a few degrees above freezing and moreso when you're riding in a light jersey with short sleeves. Then the rain went away for a bit before turning into heavy snow that arrived with 30mph winds. One nice thing about snowflakes is that they bounce off you instead of soaking in; it's really warmer than rain. It was getting hard to see by the end of the ride and my face got to hurting from snowflakes at high speed.

That's what I get for having fun in the winter. It's supposed to get colder tomorrow.

How long now until spring springs?