Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

FIC: Church Street p2

Warning: Very little more

She felt the blood draining from her body. Just a little taller than her, the vampire wrapped around her in its leather jacket and strong arms. Before it made her weak, Janet had to act.

She reached around and grabbed the vampire by its short black hair and its leather coat and flipped it up over her head and down onto the electrified catenary wires over the train tracks below.

That didn't do it in. It slid off the wires and lept back up onto the bridge. She finally got a good look at it. It was a male with sharp cheekbones and piercing blue eyes that even under the sodium vapor street lamps made him seem too handsome for a vampire. She had felt his teeth, though and there was no doubt. Janet kicked out but her attacker dodged neatly and lifted her leg as it swung, leaving her flat on her back.

He swaggered up and kicked her hard in the ribs. It occurred to her that this was not a simple feeding. This vampire wanted her dead, and not out of hunger. She pushed herself up and grabbed his midsection.

She grappled them both off the edge of the bridge and down onto the railroad tracks where she used all of her weight to try to break his back on the steel rails. It didn't work.

He wedged his legs between them and pushed her into the air from below. She wobbled in an arc and would have gone farther but he'd aimed her up the hill. Before he could catch up, she was upright again and ready for him.

"You'll never defeat the Alliance," she growled.
Tags: fic
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