Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

International Coffees

I went out for coffee with some friends. Some of them were German and some Mexican. We all sat down with our coffees, which were really milkshakes as is the custom nowadays. Well, they all sat down with coffees. If I'm going to have a sinful snack, I'm going to eat cake instead of coffee so I picked a nice slice of carrot cake.

We started trying to talk but quickly noticed that all but one of us spoke English and all but one of us spoke German and all but one of us spoke Spanish. Yup, another language barrier situation. Four bilingual and trilingual people couldn't get it together to agree on one language.

With patience we managed to get along fine. But each one of us had to do a little translating from time to time. Translating is really much harder than simple bilingualism.

We did hit a rocky reef of misunderstanding once we entered on traditional cooking. Sometimes there simply aren't words and especially aren't words I know to describe traditional Mexican and German food ingredients in English. I told a story about traditional Indian cooking to break the tension -- that way nobody understood the exact foods involved, including me.
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