Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Office Costume

I met a girl after work.

She was dressed in a formal orange and white blouse, white pants, high heels that matched the blouse, and rouged cheeks and lips.

I was astonished how much less pretty she was that way. Everything about the costume shouted that she was artificial, much older, or bland.

I suppose those are office work values, though.

She couldn't walk much through the neighborhood in those shoes either.

Especially distinct was how much less enticing her face was when all painted. Women have told me before that face painting makes them more appealing to fellows; this idea is dead wrong.

Good thing she was still fun to talk to. Once the office work complaints were over she was the same as ever. All that fancy blouse and bad shoes and ugly paint is just a shell and eventually scrubs off.
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