Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

On The Week Past

On Star Trek:

Not yet showing at my corner megaplex. Now I'm both excited and desperate.

On Testing The Very Religious Date:

Owen: Wow. Maine just passed a law recognizing gay marriages.
Date: That's great. How many is that now?
Owen: Five states I think.
Owen- Loves it when they pass

On Dollhouse:

So Paul does get to save Caroline in the end. But he has to do it without saving sexy Echo and her hot bod. Awesome symbolism.

Topher decided that Doctor Whiskey would hate him. I wonder if he's trying to make her a better doctor or if there's some deeper ethical thing going on. Remember how he was set to catch the spy and he gave Boyd a heads up just in case? There is something in Topher that respects a serious moral code even if he doesn't necessarily follow one himself.

Whiskey and Echo both have at least a little contempt for their original personalities that abandoned them. Alpha is the only one who loves the original Alpha. And he's kind of screwed up. What does that mean?

Oh, Amy Acker really can act? I'd been suspecting she was just a Joss fantasy girl. Good for her.

Boyd and Paul together are a cool team.

On Cooking Chilaquiles:

Not as complicated as it looked and darn tasty.

On The Imminent Cancellation Of Dollhouse:

That guy who makes Dollhouse and the other good shows should work with someone who respects great work and knows how to market it. Fox doesn't fit the bill. Maybe chasing the big budgets is less important than keeping a show on the air, Josh. Try HBO or Sci-Fi or UP/WBN (whatever they call it) or Showtime.
Tags: dollhouse, star trek
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