Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Dating The Very Religious Date

What makes you suspect that?

"Owen, you know I've never felt like this about someone so fast."

"Yes, you already said that."

"How many girlfriends have you had before me?"

"I don't keep count. Plenty, I guess."

"About two hundred?"

You've already been tested, girl.

"Is your roommate gay?"

"It's not polite to ask. I think he's still in the closet."

"You know it doesn't bother me, right? I have lots of gay friends."

It's okay to kiss in front of Jesus.

"What should we do today?"

"The weather's nice. We could walk to the park or take the train downtown."

"Oh, let's go downtown. We still haven't been to the big main cathedral together."

"I've been before. Twelve years ago. It was pretty."

"But you haven't gotten the campanile ringers to let you up into the bell tower to kiss any other girls, have you?"
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