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Thoughts and Weeds [Wednesday 2 Sep 2009 at 09:22 pm]

I like Weeds.

I went over to visit the Television Without Pity folks to check on a detail of a recent episode. I liked TWOP back when The West Wing was on the air. It was snarky and fun. But I've heard that it was a tough place to be a Buffy fan.

I checked out the Weeds message board on TWOP and was blown away by the Nancy hate. She's a rapist-lover, they said, and a filthy person for dealing with her new husband.

Seemed like the old times I heard about. Lucky for me I was already planning not to care what they thought.


I took the Very Religious Date on an out of town vacation for a week to a charming old town in the mountains. She packed everything she needed into a single school sized backpack. That's how you know you've got a good one.


Speaking of Weeds, how come we never see Nancy with the baby? That's not the parenting a neonate experience I remember. My two little ones practically lived attached to me in the sling for months.


I like Sarah Palin. I don't think she's competent enough to be president but I find her family charming and their hunting and roughnecking Alaska lifestyle appealing. She seems like a good person who kept everybody together and having fun while taking very good care of herself, too.

Plus, forty-something who still looks great in a bikini holding a rifle? Awesome.

John Edwards, on the other hand, is scum.


Pilar Suazo? Delicious.


"Some foods you thought were 'healthy' may really be increasing your stomach fat." -internet ad


Did I mention about the delicious Pilar Suazo?


I saw Taken, a big budget thriller about a fellow wreaking righteous destruction in a dozen different ways on the bad guys who threaten to put his little girl into a refrigerator. Nicely executed overall. But it really grated on me the way they set up the older teenage travelling companion to imply that she deserved to be kidnapped and raped because she was acting too unchaste.

Also I felt like Paris really went to waste in the filming.

In this action revenge genre, Man On Fire has better action and much better scenery, and while Liam Neeson is nice Denzel Washington is something else.