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FIC: Triumph Of The Guardians

Title: Triumph Of The Guardians
Setting: Comics issue 26, but not issue 27 because in this story Tibet is a high desert plateau near the Himalaya suitable for pasture and dry farming. It is not a lush, green grassland with deciduous forests somewhere in Guangdong or Fujian as Joss, Georges Jeanty, and the Red Chinese Junta seem to think it is.
Disclaimer: I don't even know who owns what.

The dragon's teeth snapped shut around Buffy Summers' ponytail just as she launched herself through the curtains. Kennedy watched with mixed emotions, her eyes peeking over the barley spikelets as Buffy flew out the window of the abandoned mountainside temple. The amulet twisted on its chain in Buffy's left hand while her silver and candy apple red weapon held steady in her right as she made three full somersaults in the air and stuck a perfect landing in the field far below.

“She's got it,” announced Kennedy, back down among the barley and placing herself in the way of Daniel Osborne's view of the volume of old Tibetan lore he had brought. “Don't you think that's close enough, wolf boy?”

“I need Oz's help to get this spell right, Ken.” Willow moved around to share the book with him again.

“Fine, but I've got my eye on you two.”

Buffy raced across the field toward her companions. The dragons followed. But the temple's guardians didn't come just from behind her. They were surrounding her and and her team, coming from every direction around the field. When Buffy arrived with the amulet, they were in a panic.

“Buffy! I've got the spell. I can drive the dragons off, but I need one more ingredient. And we can't seem to get it. And we can't fight hundreds of dragons at once.” Willow was nervous. “Oh, god, we're going to die and the world is going to end and it's all my fault 'cause I couldn't read this darn rune. If only I knew we could have been prepared.”

Buffy turned to Oz as Willow continued and Kennedy struggled with a dagger, apparently digging barley seeds out of rachis from the plants around them. “Four handfuls of barley,” reported Oz.

“But I can't get it off the plant fast enough with this dagger,” reported Kennedy. “And the sword is no use at all.”

The dragons were getting closer.

“And if we can't get the amulet back home we can't cast the sky hiding spell and the Chinese spy satellites will report the submarine and the prophecy says war and the secret Republic of Korea nuclear weapons and the world will end and it'll all be my fault. Again. And I promise to study harder on my languages and oh Goddess,” continued Willow.

Buffy calmly stood up to her full height, barely visible above the barley stalks. Her voice carried such a tone of calm and command that all, even Daniel Osborne, visibly relaxed as they stopped what they were doing and saying to listen. “I've got this.” Silhouetted by the full moon behind her, she lifted the weapon above her head, and its shortened ponytail, in both hands.

She pressed an invisible switch and the axe blade of her weapon relaxed back to the opposite of its usual curve and formed a long, thin snaith extending out from the shaft. With her right hand she slashed the weapon down and mowed a swath of the barley leaving piles of easily collected seed pods behind.

And the world survived another day.
Tags: buffy, comics, fic, s8
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