Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Comics preview

Note: Spoilers ahead, especially under the cut; Don't read!

Well, there's an image of Spike and a girl in some upcoming issue of a Dark Horse comic. I suspect it's a Season 8 issue from the context. I can't tell who the girl might be, but she seems to have brown hair. Maybe it's his new sweetie from L.A.

Also, they seem to have him out in the Sun if those shadows are any indication. Maybe that's a message to us that while Angel got the super powers, Spike got the Shanshoe.

Or maybe they just forgot about vampires again like that stretch of five or so issues early on of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" without a single vampire in them. Possibly it's just like issue 33 where they forgot about Angelus being a vampire and drew him in the Sun. Gosh, are they even trying anymore?

I think I might prefer to not see Spike in the character assassination that Season 8 threatens. I might have to exercise my inclination to limit myself strictly to the best corner of fandom from now on. Yes, it's the high latitude waterfowl AU world for me. Not Spuffy, but Spuffin.

Tags: s8, spike
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