Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Dark Horse releases new preview panels of Spike's appearance in issue 34

Finally Dark Horse has released the preview pages for issue 34 where Twangle is explained and Spike finally shows up. Scott Allie said in an interview this week that the photo of his desk had to have some really spoilery panels covered before he could release it, ones that were much more spoiler-ful than the Spike flashback panel. Boy was he serious!

Allie also promised us that Spike and Buffy would be treated with respect and I guess they are, in a sense. The really surprising thing is that we get more detail on the Spike/Buffy relationship than we expected. They actually get a chance to talk about their relationship and how they really feel now that Buffy finds out he's still undead.

Spike and Buffy in S8

Also there's a new artist on the comic. Thanks to Dark Horse for hiring Anne-Lise and Fox to add detail and realism to the artwork.
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