Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Thoughts on Buffy Comics 8/35

These are my thoughts on reading. Better thinking will have to wait.

-Is that Season One Angel? He's so stiff and child-like.
-That little thing is no better than being naked, Buffy
-I could be a comics artist, if I can just find that matchbook
-"When you're born into the world, you vacate the old one. It becomes utterly expendable." So now moms are just as useless as dads in the Buffyworld. Nuts to you, Joss. I love my parents.
-Burma. Not Myanmar. Satsu is a liberal reformer, probably likes Aung San Suu Kyi. She's rapidly becoming the only character I like in these comics.
-"though...Burma?" So Dawn likes the military Junta instead?
-So Angel is a jerk and useless and kind of evil. He's been that way since Welcome To The Hellmouth.
-I've never bought the idea that Angel is only evil to protect people he likes. Angel tries not to be evil when he has that soul, but he can't resist the temptation to use power and strength for his own benefit and pleasure no matter whom it hurts. Again and again. That's how he's always been on BtVS and his own show. This is kind of extreme, but it's not out of character.
-Until Spike arrived, Wesley was always the protagonist of AtS for me.
-Is this white-background part supposed to be some kind of nasty commentary on delusional die-hard Angel/Buffy shipper fans?
-Because if it is, I don't like it.
-Willow seems, well, really still too positive about what Angel's done.
-"you don't know what came all over you" Eeew.
-"oh, this is gonna be good." Right, Willow.
-"oh, this is gonna be bad." Right, Buffy.
-Spike's head is recognizable, but whose hands are reaching around him from behind? Maybe it'll be his new girlfriend.

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