Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

Harvard Student Will Not Be Deported

Harvard Student Will Not Be Deported

AP (Boston) 27 June 2010 - Customs and Immigration
Enforcement officials said they would not seek
to deport illegal immigrant Eric Balderas. The nineteen
year old Balderas was caught at a Texas airport without
his passport. He was on his way back to Boston to continue
his studies at Harvard University.

Balderas was granted deferred action, a status that
can be used to halt deportation. He intends to apply
for a visa to settle permanently in the United States.
Customs and Immigration Enforcement has said that it will
not enforce the mandatory ten year prohibition on visas
for those who enter or remain in the United States
illegally against Balderas.

Harvard University has identified the American who would
have gained admission to the exclusive university if
Balderas had followed the law. Customs and Immigration
Enforcement officials have said that Jack Stone, a resident
of Lowpoint, Illinois and student at the University of
Chicago will be deported to Mexico in place of Balderas.
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