Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

FIC: One Hundred Forty Four

Title: One Hundred Forty Four
Format: Flash Fic
Fandom: Buffy

Xander awoke with the image of a dodecahedron pressed into his face. He flicked the die away and checked his ex-fiancee. She was still sleeping, head and arms sprawled on the table. He touched her forehead affectionately and went to check the scraping sound coming from the kitchen.

"What ya' got there Spike? Little midnight snack with freezer burn?"

"Thought I had some old frozen blood in here," Spike finally wedged the box out with the runed dagger he'd been using. "But it's just asparagus. Think that's left over from Joyce?"

"Buffy and Dawn sure didn't buy it."

"Bloody potentials are ravenous; there's nothing else left in here." Spike turned. "You getting a little lucky seven?"

"I thought you and Buffy were the ones getting --" Xander waved his hand around vaguely.

"Deserves some sleep before the big battle, don't you think?"

"Yeah, maybe I should go out in the car and scavenge some cereal or something so they don't have to go down into the Hellmouth without a bite to eat."

"'S about five in the morning. Maybe I'll come along and make sure no scavengers get a bite out of the ladies' favorite pirate."


"Fine, then."

Xander pulled out his car keys and pushed open the door. "You know, the girls have their big menstrual metaphor taking control of their powers opening the Hellmouth ceremony at high noon."


"Well, boys have a way of marking our possession, too."

Spike smiled and held up the frozen box of vegetables. "You hungry for a little breakfast first?"


Buffy and the potentials arrived to find the Seal of Danzalthar withdrawn and the Hellmouth in retreat, never again to express its awesome power to connect dimensions. The potentials all went on to live long, happy lives without blood and gore. Except Rona who became a trauma surgeon. And Kennedy who was eaten by a crocodile.

Spike and Xander never, ever told what they had done.

Tags: btvs, fic
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