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Issues 35-39 Grab Bag

"I woke up alarmed
I didn't know where I was at first
Just that I woke up in your arms
And almost immediately I felt sorry
Because I didn't think this would happen again
No matter what I could do or say
I didn't think this would happen again
With or without my best intentions"
-"Season 8 Buffy-Angel Love Theme" Joss Whedon and Liz Phair

- -

"I know! We should do a reboot of Buffy."

"A reboot?"

"Yeah. We own the rights. It could be a story about Buffy but without the baggage of seven seasons of television. We could drop all that relationship and emotional development garbage. Think of the things we could do with Hollywood style budgets and unlimited special effects. We'd retain the essence of Buffy, of course; it would still be a story about a blonde cheerleader with superpowers. And she kills vampires."

"That would be cool. A ruthless blonde shooting up the bad guys. With vampires! But we don't have rights to all the ancillary characters. A lot of fans are going to be turned off if the whole crew of Buffy's friends aren't on board."

"Don't worry. You can copyright the characters and the actors are getting older but you can't copyright their names. We could have a mysterious ambiguously bad guy love interest named Angel, as long as we don't step on the copyrights by copying his whole history and character development and quirks and stuff. It's like a reimagining of the idea of Angel, but not the same Angel."

"Do you really think the fans will go for that?"

"They won't even notice. Except for the fanatics on Livejournal, no one will be able to tell, and you can't satisfy them anyway."

"I don't know; it's a big investment that will take years to finish and a lot of people think Buffy was already done."

"I've got great ideas for how the plot will go. Look, it's all planned out. People will be inspired."

"But are you really committed? This is a forty issue arc, Joss. You don't just throw together a storyboard and drop it in the artist's lap. We're going to need you."

"Do I look like I would go off and chase a sexier project while leaving some poor editor who doesn't understand the story to finish the thing himself? Trust me, Scott."

- -

"Barring unforseen events, this is my last post on the Buffy comics....I just don't see how an explanation can make it better." - beer_good_foamy, 2010

"Oh come on. Mocking s8 will never stop being fun. :-)" - beer_good_foamy, 2008

- -

Willow is responsible for killing Giles and breaking the seed because she turned Angel back from his slimy self into a super-vampire.

- -

When flung by Buffy toward his ship in #39, Spike would tend to fall at a rate of 32 ft/s/s. That means he'd fall 16 feet in the first second and 64 feet in the second. Since the ship seems to pick him up at the altitude he was flung toward and not 16 or 64 feet below it, I conclude that Buffy was aiming him deliberately at his ship. Of course, trusting these stooges to know or care about such trivia as gravity and physical law is a fools' wager.

- -

I was in high school, lounging on the Math Department steps with a buddy. He was waiting to ask a Calculus teacher to sponsor a student club. I was just hanging out because I like to hang out, sometimes even with nerdy guys who start student clubs.

The flame haired girl saw us and sauntered over with a bit of swing in her hips. She had pretty green eyes and they focused right in on me.

"Owen, did you figure out your busy schedule Friday?"

"I might be able to pencil you in," I didn't turn toward her right away. I had been talking to someone and she could work a little for my attention.

"I have my mom's car. We can do anything you want."

"Yes," I said, pleased. "I do have some ways to take advantage of you. Pick me up at the post office downtown. Six o'clock. Sharp."

"Oh, I was hoping I'd get to see where you live." I'd been making a mystery out of my whereabouts when flirting with girls in her circle.

"Maybe you will, if you're the kind of date that makes a boy happy." I was a teenager; steering innuendo between suggestive and rude was hard.

"Maybe I will be." She smiled big and continued on past. My buddy didn't get any attention.

The flame haired girl isn't the point here. We only went out for a week, though she did get to see where I lived. The point is my friend with the student club petition and what he said next.

"Why do girls always love guys who are jerks?"

I knew better than to take this personally. I like the smart, introverted, fannish, techy, and theatre types. And that wasn't the first time I'd heard a boy complain about what girls like. I imagine a fellow like Joss Whedon probably felt that way in high school, too.

And Buffy's Second Season did touch on teen relationships in a way that was sensitive to the awkward and difficult feelings and moments. He could even touch on what my friend thought he was observing.

It was all real and deep in S2; I never felt like Joss just wanted to complain about how girls flirt. Then in Tibet I discovered that Joss still wanted to complain about that.

Dawn's arc and its implicit endorsement of her thricewise punishment should have been the first clue. I didn't pick up on it then because I was still hoping there would be a reason why no super-powered sister just beat down her ex-boyfriend until he backed off.

In the S8 comics Joss finally gets around to punishing Buffy for liking bad guys and having no good sense about jerks. It comes up not just in the Space Fracking Angel arc - which is all about how girls are stupid - but also in the way Buffy finally begs the good Xander for his healing love and gets rejected. Why would she venture so bizarrely out of character after eight years? So she can be taught a lesson for liking jerks.

Anyway, I still know better than to take it personally, but I don't like seeing it done to Buffy.

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