Owen (owenthurman) wrote,

I wrote about stuff.

Scabs: I went on a hard backcountry trip of a few days with a girlfriend and we came back exhausted, scarred, cut, and bleeding. It was great. The mountains and the woods are filled with treasures of botany, geology, wild animals, archaeology, and self-knowledge. And scars will heal up. The girlfriend doesn't think I should be so proud of the blood I shed finding a new route across the mountain. I say that's why I carry surgical tape in the pack.

So I told her, minor injuries make you feel alive and scabs are like souvenirs. Plus, chicks dig scars. She wasn't buying it.

I should really be more careful around bears in the future.

Fringe: I was about to drop this show. Then this week we have the crazy flash-forward to 2035 and I remember why I love it. In Season Three, there were something like five episodes in a row where we didn't see the lead playing her character for even a full minute between them because the world had gone bizarre and every bit of it was gold. It reinforced all the themes of the show while treating us to the alternative. This was great like that.

Mad Men: Oh, it's back. And it's still fun. I still enjoy the surreal way they make 1965 look so fresh. The Draper apartment is gorgeous. They treated Howard Johnsons as if it were stylish. I can't help remembering how bad the food was, though.

Does anybody else's culture do a carefully detailed recreation of the recent past? I'd love to see Ireland or Mexico or Japan done in complete 1960 style with 2010s production values.

Midnight in Paris: It didn't feel like the inter-war years to me. Can't say why. A perfectly serviceable Woody film for all the usual reasons, Midnight makes me feel like he enjoys shooting Paris a lot more than he did Barcelona.

Girls on HBO: You know how some shows would rather drag you cringing through awkward and embarrassing moments where you feel bad for the characters instead of just making them worth caring about? I used up my bucket of ewww on the pilot and brought home a new whole new bucketfull from the store. Then I ran out again halfway through the second episode where the girl is sabotaging her job interview by accusing her prospective employer of being a rapist.

Battlefield on Hulu: This is the junior partner to The West Wing that you're looking for.
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