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Here's a good one.

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But this is also excellent.

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And I like this.

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Or this.

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On Facebook today, three friends of mine with whom I've had -- years ago -- some kind of casual, perceived, or flirtatious involvement or attraction, posted baby pictures. One just delivered twins, one put up a first ultrasound, and one announced her delicate condition with a photo of a firm belly growing out. Mostly I'm happy for my friends and confident the world will be better with little copies of them running around, but I feel a little melancholy.

It's not the usual bit where God is always shouting in my ear that I should have knocked each of them up myself, preferably simultaneously. As a man, I've had to deal with Him telling me that and more about every likely fertile female I know since adolescence and I know how to ignore Him. In fact, I decided long ago not to pursue my apparently decent chances with each one of these mothers and stayed friends with them.

No, I think the melancholy is womb envy. Babies are awfully cute but I'm not capable of brewing any up inside of me and am but surf on a raging of sea the ultimate power to create life. I wonder if it all means I want another one. Maybe I should mention it to my girlfriend; it's fun to watch her try to explain rationally why the idea is crazy. I suspect rationality is not what's driving my feelings.

Here's a cute picture of a baby getting shampooed.

 photo babychampu.jpg

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