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Likes Buffy. Mmmmm, Buffy.
Isn't surprised that the Bush family are long time clients of Wolfram and Hart.
The only Buffyverse opening credits character I ever would have even considered dating is Anya.

Veronica Mars fan, too. I especially miss the energy and drive of Season One.

Friending is always welcome. There are almost never flocked posts here.

If you friend me and you post fewer than five times a week and you post mostly about fandom or stuff that would get printed in the Wall Street Journal (except the Money And Investing section) I'll friend you back next time I check the list.

If there is anything on this Earth so offensive to you that you can't just scroll past it to the next entry but instead need to whine about being exposed to such crudity, this is a good opportunity for you to defriend me. Likewise if you are an irresponsible child.

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